About us

We create Spaces and Objects with feeling.

Our creative work is driven by purpose rather than style. This ensures we connect and resonate with people on an emotive level and in turn, create a lasting feeling.


The founders

Lionel Real de Azúa

Ciarán O’Brien

Lucas Che Tizard

We are a herd of Architects, friends and designers, 
founded by Lionel Real de Azúa, Ciarán O’Brien and
Lucas Che Tizard in an attempt to better engage with
the world around them.

We feel a connection to travel and nature is fundamental to a fresh and authentic perspective on our projects.
We understand that projects of the nature and scale of hotels require an international framework, agility and
a global team effort. Our qualifications, poliglotism and digital setup allows us to be nomadic and base
ourselves around the world to deliver your project successfully and internationally.

Our friends


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