F Camp Pavillion

We designed and hand-built a pavilion for F Camp, a camp focused on creating a good future, by creating a good present. Members consist of a nomadic and diverse community that gather to envision, share and celebrate positive and constructive ideas. The Pavillion was created in order to provide a space for congregation and facilitate these conversations. By day the structure provides shade with an opening at the top that frames the skyline. By night the opening provides ventilation for a central fire. The structure was designed to feel open from a distance and intimate when inside. This was achieved by elevating the structure off the ground.

We designed and built the structure in collaboration with F Camp; f.camp, Structural Engineers; Nous Engineering www.nousengineering.com, Metal Workers; Bay Metals www.baymetalsca.com and Awning Specialist; Artisan Awnings www.artisanawning.com.

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