Native at Browns

Early on in our design sessions working with Native and Browns it became clear that we all had a lot of common ground – a desire to reuse waste materials, champion up and coming artists and attempt to work with British craftspeople and suppliers on new and surprising research areas within the restaurant. There was a consciousness of the wastefulness of our industries – that of construction, fashion and F+B – and decided that in self imposing tighter parameters of accountability for the project it would be a step in the right direction.This openness to create a space that can be viewed through the lens of those involved in high fashion or humble, earthy cooking was an exhilarating brief to be confronted with. We felt comfortable as the mediator of this world – nose to tail eating and expertly tailored clothing found common ground in the way we approach our projects at Red Deer.We’ve been very lucky to be able to work with many incredible craftspeople who we admire and who love what they do. Emma Louise Payne handmade our curvaceous bar and ‘egg’ sink. Clayworks Plaster supplied and Guy Valentine installed the natural clay that adorns the walls and ceilings. Armatile pushed the limits of handmade art by creating a mosaic floor tapestry (replete with squirrel, handbag and mushroom among others) telling the story of Browns’ and Native’s collaboration. Phoebe from Gather Glass hand blew smoky, milky and splotchy organic lampshades that dapple light unevenly throughout the space. Jan Hendzel Studio and Altrock collaborated on beautiful tables forming tops made from onyx sheets dusted off from the archives of previous Browns installations, seated on turned ash bases. In a way they feel like something familiar but at the same time new. The Yarn Collective wools of the booths, curtains and seat pads are a nod to nature but offer up some of that countryside snugness in the dining room.

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